Communications and Digital Branding

Gage International provides the full spectrum of international media relations, reputation management and digital branding and engagement services.  These include the positioning of opinion editorial articles in top-tier media, securing interviews with prominent media outlets, as well as message development, media training and acting as spokespersons for the clients themselves.

We continue to expand our network of trusted, top-tier correspondents to the benefit of said clients and their unique narratives, understanding the importance of positioning in the leading markets of today.  Aligning the message, the media and the audience is the simplest and most effective approach to media relations and is always at the core of what we practice.  All of our campaigns, whether public advocacy, media outreach, or crisis management, contain an online and social media element as an integral part of our approach.

  • Media Outreach – We organize press events, drafts press resources, such as Q&As, fact sheets, background notes, and generate materials for our client website and social media campaigns.  Our clients have been prominently featured in leading outlets, such as CNN, Fox News, Sky News, BBC World News, Eurovision, the Guardian, New York Times, the Telegraph, the Financial Times, Independent, Le Monde and France 24.
  • Crisis Communications Management – Successfully navigating a public relations crisis is where experience comes to the fore, as it is experience that enables us to not only anticipate and prepare for a crisis, but also to keep a firm hand on the tiller by leveraging our network of supporters, if or when a crisis strikes.
  • Online and Social Media  – Whether it is the development of an appealingly modern, user-friendly website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or the creation and management of viral campaigns through social media, we support our clients with all of their communication needs using the latest technologies.