Business Consulting and Strategic Advice

Identifying and successfully securing qualified opportunities are critical to the long-term success of your business.  At GAGE, we create and execute business development plans that focus on utilizing our network of relationships and by building relationships and strategic alliances with key leading technology providers and first, second and third tier systems integrators.

GAGE’s Business Development Team has served as founders, board members and CEO’s of a number of companies and has served in various positions with small and medium sized businesses as well as Fortune 50 organizations.  We understand the processes involved in successfully implementing a business development plan and can provide an end-to-end solution driven by the capability and network base of all our staff members.  Simply put, we provide a force multiplier effect for our client’s investment in business development services including:

  • Establishing a viable strategic vision
  • Aligning strategic vision with external market trends
  • Leveraging our clients existing resources
  • Strategic planning in a structured and objective environment
  • Translating strategic planning methodologies into real-world action

GAGE understands the importance of effectively executing strategy and the need to quickly evaluate business plans and objectives in a fast paced market.  From running businesses to running government agencies, we understand the process behind making an effective decision and recognize the critical nature of thoroughly evaluating and assessing all key factors.   Our goal is to ensure you achieve sustainable results that enhance profitability consistently and predictably each year.