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E9-1-1 Institute Honors Senator Conrad Burns

The E-911 Institute in Washington, D.C., will present a special award to former Senator Conrad Burns (R-MT) for his work in emergency communications.

Burns was an original co-chairman of the Congressional E9-1-1 Caucus and was a leader in advancing public safety issues throughout his senatorial career.

He sponsored the Enhanced 911 Emergency Communications Act of 2003, which passed in 2004, to authorize $250 million in grants to upgrade 9-1-1 facilities, and focused Congressional attention on the need to upgrade emergency facilities in rural areas.

Mongolia hires advocacy representation in Washington, DC

Effective January 1, 2011, the Embassy of Mongolia has hired Gage International (, a business consulting and government relations firm, as their lobbyist in Washington, DC. This is the first time the GOM has retained a lobbying firm. However, it is a common practice and many foreign embassies hire outside advisors to assist them. Gage has been engaged to help the embassy elevate the profile of Mongolia in Washington, DC.

The Gage firm recently joined the NAMBC and is eager to make contact with U.S. companies and organizations active or invested in Mongolia to assist in developing broader Congressional support for bilateral relations. Gage CEO Leo A. Giacometto will attend our AGM next month for that purpose. Giacometto previously served in various positions in the US Government and is a retired US Army Reserves Lieutenant Colonel (LTC).

As required by law, Gage has registered with the US Justice Department as a Registered Foreign Agent. Mr. AJ Rehberg, Vice President of Gage, will be the primary point of contact for the firm’s work with the embassy, (202) 657-1085,  Rehberg also serves as Vice President of Public and Government Affairs for Mongolia Forward, a uranium mining venture in Mongolia.

Other members of Gage’s executive team are former three-term US Senator Conrad Burns (R-Montana), whom Gage CEO Giacometto earlier served as  Chief of Staff from 1995 to 1999 and Matt McKenna,  who was Communications director for Senator Mary Landrieu (D-Louisiana), Senator Max Cleland (D-Georgia), and Senator John Tester (D-Montana). McKenna is also former Communications Director for the William J. Clinton Foundation and is currently serving as Communications Director for former President Bill Clinton.

Senator Conrad Burns Joins Growing International Consulting Company

GAGE Business Consulting and Government Affairs today announced the addition of Senator Conrad Burns who will serve as Senior Advisor to the firm.  Senator Burns will focus on increasing the firm’s visibility and presence domestically and internationally to provide a greater reach of opportunities for GAGE clients.

As a member of both the powerful Commerce and Appropriations Committees for the United States Senate, Burns brings over 18 years of political and telecommunications experience to GAGE. Praised as “one of the fathers of the modern Internet,” the Senator spearheaded major telecom deregulation legislation, the roll-out of broadband in rural areas, and pushed for new Internet and mobile phone technologies. In 1997, Burns became Chairman of the Subcommittee on Communications, one of the major regulatory standings in Congress. As Chairman, he positioned himself as the leading telecommunications expert in the Senate. Prior to his leadership on the Subcommittee on Communications, Burns authored section 706 of the 1996 Telecommunications Act and went on to unveiled the “Digital Dozen” proposal for telecom legislation in 1999. During the 107th Congress, Senator Burns pushed his “Tech 7” Agenda, which aimed to bring greater security to the Internet, followed by his “NexGenTen” Tech Agenda introduced during the 108th Congress.  At the start of the 1097h Congress Burns rolled out his “e-Eleven,” Tech Agenda, eleven top priority items to strengthen security and usher reform for 21st century communication

“Conrad’s expertise, knowledge and background as a senior member of the United States Senate will be of great value to our clients.” said Leo Giacometto, CEO and founding partner of GAGE. “Not only does he have in depth knowledge and understanding of the United States Government but through his International travels, the Senator has developed key relationships that will bring the clients of our firm significant opportunities abroad.”

At the start of the 109th Congress, Burns took the helm as Chairman of the Subcommittee on Aviation.  He also served as Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Interior Appropriations where he had jurisdiction over all the country’s federal lands and the National Park Service. Other Appropriations subcommittees the Senator served on included, Defense, Energy and Water, Transportation and Military Construction.

“I look forward to joining the talented team at GAGE and I am excited to lend my knowledge of government, telecommunications and the international market to our clients,” said Burns. “I am very familiar with the firm’s tradition for success and I know that I am ready to take on any and all challenges to uphold and further GAGE’s great reputation of providing clients the best for their businesses.”