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  • Leo A. Giacometto – Founder and CEO
  • AJ Rehberg – President

Leo A. Giacometto, Founder and CEO of GAGE International, has an extensive background in military, political, private and public sector service with a wide-range of applicable experience in the areas of consulting, advising, founding, strategically building, operating and managing private sector companies.  Mr. Giacometto has previously served in all branches of the U. S. Government – the Judiciary, Legislative, and Executive branches. He has overseen large government agencies and directed the operations of Congressional and Gubernatorial offices in both an official and political capacity. He served as Justice of the Peace for Carter County Montana, was elected twice to the Montana State Legislature, and was appointed by President George H.W. Bush and confirmed by the United States Senate to serve as a United States Marshal.  Mr. Giacometto served in the Cabinet for Governor Marc Racicot as Montana’s Director of Agriculture and in Governor Judy Martz’s Cabinet as a member of the Northwest Power Planning Council.  He also served as Chief of Staff for U.S. Senator Conrad Burns.

Mr. Giacometto is also a Regional Director for the Riyada Group which is headquartered in Bahrain.  The Riyada Group currently has a customer base of over 400 companies in 33 countries including USA, Argentina, Italy, England, Turkey, Oman, China, Vietnam, South Korea, India, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.  Their key areas of operation are, constructions, oil & gas, finance & investment, consulting, agriculture, telecommunications, manufacturing, new technologies and alternative energies.

Mr. Giacometto currently serves as one of Mongolia’s Honorary Consuls to the United States and is a Co-founder of the American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia.  He also Co-founded and serves on the Board of Directors of GN Beverages, the exclusive Pepsi bottling and distribution franchise in Mongolia and is a Member of the Board of Directors of Gemnet, a Eurasian telecommunications company that provides 96% of the internet for Mongolia and is based in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.  Additionally, Mr. Giacometto sits on the Board of Advisors of Silk Way Group, a multinational aviation services company based in Baku, Azerbaijan and is a Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors for AVC Global, AVC Global a mobile cloud computing platform that transforms the current fragmented commodity supply chains into the agricultural value chain by providing finance, training and new market access, while achieving more profit and opportunity for all stakeholders.

Mr. Giacometto is a Senior Advisor to G2 Analytics, a an advanced data technology consulting firm that enables audience engagement for any live or recorded content and allow audiences of any size to actively participate in Focus Group in the CloudTM events through any web-enabled device.  He also serves as the Director of International Government Relations for E2i Strategy Group, a Defense, Security, Manufacturing and Logistics company that assists select clients within the intelligence, defense and commercial sectors procure the materials & services they need to support their missions around the globe.

Mr. Giacometto is a former Director of the Tri-State Farmers and Ranchers Cooperative in Belle Fourche, South Dakota, served as the Vice President of Government Affairs of Morrison Knudsen, and as an Executive for Washington Group International both some of the largest international engineering and construction companies in the world.

Mr. Giacometto served 23 years in the United States Army and Reserves, retiring at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.  He was stationed in Panama as a member of U.S. Army’s equivalent to a SWAT Team and later served in the State Department’s Counterterrorism Section, where he was deployed around the world.  He is a graduate of the United States Army Military Police Academy and is an honor graduate of the Montana Military Academy.

AJ Rehberg, President, has extensive expertise in business development, strategic planning and start-ups. He has a keen understanding of US Politics, National Defense Policy, East Asian Security, International Trade, International Finance and U.S. Legislative Procedures.  As a youth, Mr. Rehberg participated in the United States Senate Page program and has served at multiple national political conventions and has vast experience in fundraising, public relations, and event coordination. Mr. Rehberg previously worked for the US Chamber of Commerce’s west coast grassroots operation working on political campaigns.

Mr. Rehberg was also was involved in numerous business ventures in Southeast Asia.  While living in Kathmandu, Nepal, he served as the COO for Namaste Mall, a Nepalese based e-commerce company focused on developing sustainable and fair trade practices in Nepal.  While living abroad, Mr. Rehberg developed an extensive knowledge of USAID, Millennium Challenge Corporation and US Trade Development Agency projects and served as an advisor to an India-based knowledge process outsourcing company in Mumbai, India.

At GAGE, Mr. Rehberg has assisted several emerging technology companies navigate government regulations and enter into the federal marketplace.  These technologies have been deployed in the following sectors: military health, emergency preparedness, homeland security, bioterrorism surveillance, state and local law enforcement.  In addition to serving as the President of Gage International, Mr. Rehberg is the President of Gage Mongolia, where he overseas GAGE’s various business interests in Mongolia which include Pepsi Mongolia, the Mongolia Fund, Mongolia Meats, and GemNet, a Eurasian telecommunications company that currently provide 96% of the internet connectivity to Mongolia.  He also overseas Gage’s international operations, including Silk Way Group, a multinational aviation services company based in Baku, Azerbaijan and the Amsterdam Group Public Relations company, an advanced social media engagement firm focused on media relations and traditional thought leadership promotion.

Mr. Rehberg is also the President and Co-founder of G2 Analytics, an innovative public opinion research firm that combines data, technology and visual analytics to create unique insights and actionable intelligence from recorded videos and live events.

He is a graduate of Seattle University where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies.